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    09192021 Classic Worship

    Fourth grade was tough on me. I lost a tooth to a softball, was hurt badly by an out-of-control hardball pitch, and was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. I learned the value of protection. The right kind of protection can make all the difference in what you do and how you do it. In Eight grade, I went out for full-contact football against Mom’s objections, but with Dad’s support. They supplied all the protective gear. When we played pickup games in the neighborhood, most of us had no protective pads at all. In full gear, I felt invincible. And I played like it. Fearless. Threw myself into the game. The right kind of protection can make the same kind of difference in your spiritual life.

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    09122021 NewDay Praise

    Where do we hear God’s voice? How do we hear God’s voice? These were big questions for me as I began my faith journey in Confirmation class. They are still big questions for me now. There are so many voices in the world, how do we know which voice is God’s? Well what is that voice telling you? Is it kind? Is it loving? Does it sound like something Mister Rogers would say? Join us as we listen for God in our lives and get some help from Fred Rogers along the way.

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    09122021 Classic Worship