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    07252021 Classic Worship

    Have you ever worried about something? Worrying, as in it kept you up at night staring at the ceiling and imagining every worst case scenario for all of eternity? I have. And so have the disciples. As they cross a lake in a boat with Jesus, they are convinced they will die. The storm will drown them and their boat. How do we come to Jesus with those feelings, with that anxiety? How does Jesus respond to us? And what does our faith say about anxiety?

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    07182021 NewDay Praise Worship

    There has been plenty of grief over the last year and a half. In the face of constant change, unrest, and uncertainty, there has been little time for grief. Part of finding balance includes taking time to grieve. Jesus takes time to grieve after the death of John the Baptist. He seeks out an island and then a mountain to grieve the loss of his friend. Then, Jesus returns to the disciples, to what we might call his support network. Although Jesus seeks out solitude, he doesn’t experience his grief alone. We don’t experience our grief alone either. God is present in our grief and knows it intimately. (Not for print: one sentence synopsis: God holds us in our grief so we don’t experience it alone.)

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    07182021 Classic Worship

    What’s your favorite adventure story? From fledgling Jedi Luke Skywalker to the small but mighty hobbits of Middle-earth, there’s no shortage of tales about unlikely heroes who are called to perform impossible tasks against all odds. We’re awestruck by their bravery, grit, and optimism. And we admire the relationships they build along the way — bonds that help them realize their potential, overcome obstacles, and feel a little less alone. Enduring relationships aren’t only found in books and movies. They’re also part of God’s master plan for our lives. In fact, God intentionally created us to rely on each other, so that together we could achieve more than anything we could imagine on our own.