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    10242021 NewDay Praise Worship

    Do you prefer to learn things from other people? When you're struggling with a topic or subject, do you seek out a tutor or mentor? Then you might be a Johannine (John) disciple. These disciples love learning from someone who has a good grasp on whatever field they're studying. They love learning and spending time in scripture. They desire to follow Jesus as closely as possible. And because these disciples are so passionate about learning, they can make wonderful mentors too!

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    10172021 Classic Worship

    When someone wants to truly ensure that you can attend their wedding or other particular parties, they send a “Save the Date” card as early as possible to get on your calendar. You feel special when you receive it. Then the formal invitation with the RSVP arrives later. It means the host has a significant desire for your presence at the party. Jesus taught using small stories to share big ideas. He teaches about the reign of God, indicating that the ultimate host has a deep desire for everyone to be at the defining party. And we are encouraged to invite everyone with the same enthusiasm as the host. Can you share the excitement? Can you love them into the party?

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    10172021 NewDay Praise Worship

    Are you a people person? Do you feel like your best growth happens when you’re part of a group? Is fellowship time your favorite part of church? Are you the person who makes sure everyone is included in the decision making process? Well you might be a Lukan disciple! Lukan disciples are highly relational and they have a real heart for people. Because of this they help us bring everyone into the body of Christ, making sure no one is left behind.