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    06202021 Classic Worship

    When the box said “Some Assembly Required,” would your Dad find and use the instructions, ignore the instructions, or find and destroy the instructions? Will you get Dad a gift for Father’s Day that requires assembly just to see what happens? Every Dad relates to instructions differently, but every Dad has a plan for those important projects. The plan may involve someone else’s instructions or those of Dad’s own making. But there’s always a plan. So, what is the plan for parenting? And what do I do if most of the parenting was done before I knew there was a plan? Be at peace. Christ has it all under control.

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    06132021 NewDay Praise Worship

    Have you ever worried about something? Worrying, as in it kept you up at night staring at the ceiling and imagining every worst case scenario for all of eternity? I have. And so have the disciples. As they cross a lake in a boat with Jesus, they are convinced they will die. The storm will drown them and their boat. How do we come to Jesus with those feelings, with that anxiety? How does Jesus respond to us? And what does our faith say about anxiety?

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    06132021 Classic Worship

    You’ve seen the shows about hoarders. Those who can’t seem to let go of anything. And their things pile up . . . and pile up some more. Suddenly there is no room to live. When the crisis comes, it’s clear. Most of what is kept, collected, and preserved is not really “treasures” after all. Not much intrinsic value or usefulness. So, why do we do it? The comfort and security we sometimes achieve in this world will not ultimately last. Jesus has a better and more enduring plan. Trust him.